The Latest Top500 List & SGI at ISC15

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The Latest Top500 List & SGI at ISC15

This week the annual ISC High Performance conference wrapped up in Frankfurt, Germany. @ISChpc reports that 2,850 people were in attendance this year.  It is this event and Supercomputing every November that we get to see who rules the world of High Performance Computing with the release of the semiannual Top500 Supercomputing Sites. The 45th Top500 List marks a 30% increase in Top500 systems for Silicon Graphics International Corp., a gain from 23% on the November 2014 List released at SC14.  SGI’s distributed memory supercomputer, the Integrated Compute Environment (known as ICE) represent 12% of the Top100 installations.

The ICE X system “Falcon” at Idaho National Labs that ComnetCo was awarded the Prime Contract on last year sits at #131. More impressively however is that it remains the most efficient x86 based supercomputer not using accelerators, providing researchers at INL with 2.26GF/W and 511.2 TFlops.  The most recent Green500 list places Falcon at the #31 spot for the most energy efficient supercomputer in the world.   There have been two press releases about this joint ComnetCo & SGI win, check them out here: SGI PR and here: INL PR for more information.

At the ISC15 conference SGI introduced their latest technology milestones, showing the Europe and the world, why they’re the leader in High Performance Computing and High Performance Data Analytics.  Technical advances being made today in cooling, power efficiency, performance, data access, and software are helping to pave the way towards Exascale Computing.  By 2020 SGI plans to deliver supercomputers capable of an exaflop, which is widely considered to be the next frontier in HPC. In the meantime with the ICE X, the new ICE XA, and the future ICE EXA, SGI will continue to innovate while solving real world terascale and petascale problems.


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