SGI’s IS5600, Price-Performance Leading Storage Platform

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SGI® InfiniteStorage™ 5600 is the latest addition to SGI’s high performance storage platforms, doubling the controller bandwidth performance over IS5500 to achieve industry-leading price performance numbers.

Leveraging field-proven modular architecture, the SGI InfiniteStorage 5600 (IS5600) delivers industry-leading performance per spindle¹, meaning customers can achieve extreme performance requirements while reducing their total investment in hardware.

Building on the SGI InfiniteStorage 5000-series modular architecture, the new IS5600 controller adds significantly increased performance. The architecture is also flexible, such that customers can tune the systems to their specific performance and capacity requirements. In data-intensive industries such as manufacturing, media, life sciences and earth sciences, such performance and efficiency are key requirements that the IS5600 is designed to satisfy.

¹ “throughput per spindle” is defined by SGI as SPC-2 MBPS divided by the number of storageis5500_60bay devices in the SPC-2 configuration.

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