SGI® UV 300™ – The Most Powerful In-Memory Supercomputer

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SGI® UV 300™ – The Most Powerful In-Memory Supercomputer

The UV 300 is SGI’s latest compute solution for scalable shared memory. Introduced at SC14 this past November in New Orleans, the UV300 uses the latest Intel® E7-8800 CPUs and 7th generation SGI NUMAlink interconnect technology. NUMAlink7 provides bandwidth of up to 7.47GB/s bidirectional and All-to-All topology, ensuring the lowest latency between any processors accessing the pool of resources. UV300 and UV30EX have a high memory to processor ratio which is geared towards data-intensive, I/O heavy workloads. Big Data Analytics, HPC visualization and real-time streaming are all areas where your work can be accelerated on an SGI UV3.

The UV product family is the world’s most powerful scale-up systems for in-memory computing. UV offers single system simplicity with extreme scalability, a single UV300 chassis (5U) provides 4 Intel® Xeon® processors, up to 96 DIMMs, with 12 PCIe slots. Connect 8 of these units together in a single rack, single system image, for up to 32 sockets, 960 threads and 24TB of coherent shared memory.

SGI UV is ideal for jobs that are challenging to run across multiple cluster nodes and are too big for a single large memory node. Customers that want to eliminate complexity and administrative overhead of distributed memory systems turn to UV. Flexible, open, and energy efficient, SGI UV advanced symmetric multiprocessing systems (SMP) accelerate the pace of innovation and insight in to some of the world’s most complex problems.

UV300 at SC14

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