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Based on the SGI ccNUMA technology, MC990 X and Superdome Flex are the 8th and 9th generations respectively. These HPE Integrity systems are the perfect solution for technical computing workloads that are challenging to run in cluster, compete for fat nodes, or are too big for one node. Accelerate time to discovery for HPC workloads, the MC990 and Superdome Flex free High Performance Computing teams from managing clusters and balancing workloads so they can focus on research and innovation.

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The HPE Integrity MC990 X Server complements the Hewlett Packard Enterprise premier system for SAP® HANA®, HPE Integrity Superdome X Server, and is ideal for running SAP S/4HANA with smaller or larger workloads in SAP HANA Tailored Data Center Integration deployments.

With SAP certification from 4 to 20 sockets and up to 20 TB of shared memory, the HPE MC990 X Server is unmatched in scale-up capacity for SAP HANA.

Leverage Oracle Database In-Memory to Accelerate Analytics Across Your Enterprise
The HPE Integrity MC990 X Server is certified on Oracle® Linux® for up to 32 sockets and 48 TB of shared memory, enabling you to run Oracle 12c with the In-memory option at extraordinary scale using a single Intel-based system.

Capitalize on the single-system simplicity of HPE MC990 X Server to run Oracle on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) without requiring clustering software.

Leverage Oracle VM certification to consolidate servers, speed application deployment, and simplify lifecycle management.

Accelerates Time to Discovery for High Performance Computing (HPC) Workloads
The HPE Integrity MC990 X Server provides the perfect solution for technical computing workloads that are challenging to run in clusters, compete for fat nodes, or are too big for one node.

Frees high performance computing (HPC) teams from managing clusters and balancing workloads so they can focus on research and innovation. The HPE MC990 X Server is like a giant workstation with lightning speed.

Scale-up Seamlessly with Optimum Cost-efficiency and Mission-critical Reliability
The HPE Integrity MC990 X Server is designed with a unique modular architecture allowing you to start small and scale up in 4-socket increments as performance needs increase. No over-provisioning. Never outgrow.

Designed with robust reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) features and can be coupled with HPE Service guard for Linux to automate high availability and recover from disasters.

Technical Specifications

Processor family

  • Intel® Xeon® E7-4800 v4 product family
  • Intel® Xeon® E7-8800 v4 product family

Number of processors

  • 4 or 8 or 16 or 32
  • Expandable from 4 to 32 in 4 socket increments

Processor core available

  • 24 or 22 or 18 or 16 or 14 or 10 or 4

Processor cache

  • 35 MB L3
  • 40 MB L3
  • 45 MB L3
  • 55 MB L3
  • 60 MB L3

Processor speed

  • 3.2 GHz

Form factor (fully configured)

  • 4 socket chassis, 5U

Form factor chassis

  • Rack

Maximum memory

  • 48 TB

Memory type

  • DDR4 Standard Memory

Memory slots

  • 96 DIMM slots
  • Maximum

Memory protection features

  • Advanced ECC

Expansion slots

  • (20) For detail descriptions reference the QuickSpecs

Storage controller

  • SAS HBA with RAID
  • Depending on configuration

System fan features

  • Hot plug redundant standard

Drive description

  • (2) SFF SSD and/or
  • (4) SFF SAS/SATA

Included hard drives

  • (2) SFF SSD

Network controller

  • Ports per controller or
  • Ports per controller

Power supply type

  • (4) High-output
Superdome Flex
Superdome Flex

Are you struggling to keep up with the increasing demands on your mission-critical data environment? The HPE Superdome Flex Server is a mission-critical platform flexible and powerful enough to handle the massive and growing amount of data moving through your business. Its in-memory design and unparalleled scale give you the ability to analyze data from the digital core to the intelligent edge in real time, keeping you a step ahead. And because the infrastructure is modular and cloud-ready, it´s the right fit for any business of any size. Keep pace with your evolving in-memory computing demands through a unique modular design. Start small and grow as needed, flexibly scaling up or out. With superior RAS and end-to-end security, the HPE Superdome Flex Server safeguards your vital workloads. The HPE Pointnext Services portfolio, partner ecosystem, and mission-critical expertise help turn data into insight, turning insight into action, and action into success.


Turn Data into Actionable Insights at Unparalleled Scale and in Real-time

HPE Superdome Flex Server offers unparalleled scalability of up to 32 sockets, 2.3X the scalability versus prior generation.

In-memory design and unmatched memory capacity of up to 48 TB in a single platform.

Get the compute power you need for your most demanding in-memory workloads with groundbreaking performance at scale, ultra-low latency, and high bandwidth.

Designed for the future based on Memory-Driven Computing design principles to boost analytics performance up to 100X, or more.

Keep Pace with Evolving in-memory Computing Demands

HPE Superdome Flex Server has a unique modular design that scales flexibly and seamlessly from 4- to 32-sockets in 4-socket increments.

Start small and grow with the demands of your business with a platform that offers 50X headroom for growth.

Cost efficient entry point for mission-critical workloads at 4 sockets of up to 45% lower acquisition cost vs. previous generation.

Scale up or scale out your environment with 4-socket modular building blocks and customize each building block to match your workload needs with choice of memory size and capacity, processor and core count, and amount and type of I/O.

Simplify your hybrid IT environments with open management based on Redfish software ecosystem.

Safeguard Your Mission-critical Workloads

The HPE Superdome Flex Server delivers the highest levels of uptime on industry standards with proven RAS capabilities, not available on other standard platforms, resulting in five nines (99.999%) single-system availability.

Reduces human error with best-in-class predictive fault handling Error Analysis Engine, which predicts hardware faults and initiates self-repair without operator assistance.

Contain errors at the firmware level, including memory errors, before any interruption can occur at the Operating System layer with HPE’s “Firmware First” approach.

Deliver continuity for Linux workloads with HPE Serviceguard for Linux (SGLX) high availability and disaster recovery clustering solution, protecting from a multitude of infrastructure and application faults across physical or virtual environments over any distance.

Accelerate your digital transformation with HPE Pointnext comprehensive services portfolio including Advisory and Transformational, Professional, and Operational Services.

1. Based on HPE Superdome Flex and HPE Integrity Superdome X maximum number of cores.
2. HPE estimate, based on 3rd party testing with Superdome X of algorithm modified to leverage Memory-Driven Computing principles for life sciences research, September 2017.
3. HPE Superdome Flex minimum configuration = 16 cores, maximum configuration = 896 cores, results in 56 headroom for growth.
4. Based on US list price comparing a minimum 4-socket configuration with equal memory between HPE Integrity Superdome X and HPE Superdome Flex.
5. Based on HPE Lab availability analysis results. Single-system Superdome Flex Server availability of five nines (99.999%) can be greatly increased when used in combination with failover clustering solutions like HPE Serviceguard for Linux.

Linux® is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.

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Technical Specifications

Processor family

  • Intel® Xeon® Platinum Processor 8XXX Family Intel® Xeon® Gold Processor 6XXX Family

Processor core available

  • 28 or 18 or 14 or 12 or 4

Processor cache

  • 16.5 MB or 19.25 MB or 24.75 MB or 38.5 MB

Processor speed

  • 3.6 GHz maximum depending or processor

Form factor

  • 5U Rack

Maximum memory

  • 6.0 TB with 64 GB DIMMs (8-socket system)

Memory type

  • HPE DDR4 Memory 32 GB Dual Rank x4 DDR4-2666 RDIMM 64 GB Quad Rank x4 DDR4-2666 LRDIMM

Memory, standard

  • Up to 1.5 TB (48 x 32 GB) RDIMM per chassis Up to 3.0 TB (48 x 64 GB) LRDIMM per chassis

Memory slots

  • 48 DIMM slots (8-socket system)

Expansion slots

  • Up to 16, for detail descriptions reference the QuickSpecs

Drive description

  • 0 or 2 or 4

Network controller

  • 2 x 10 GbE ports per chassis 2 x 1 GbE ports per chassis

Product dimensions (H x W x D)
8.64 x 17.5 x 32.5 in

110 lb

3/3/3 – Server Warranty includes three years of parts, three years of labor, three years of onsite support coverage. Additional information regarding worldwide limited warranty and technical support is available at: Additional HPE support and service coverage for your product can be purchased locally. For information on availability of service upgrades and the cost for these service upgrades, refer to the HPE website at