HPE Apollo Servers

Density Optimized for High-Performance Computing and Advanced Data Analytics Workloads

Hewlett Packard launched the Apollo Family of High Performance Computing systems in June 2014. They are density optimized for HPC, AI, Big Data, and more. HPE designed the Apollo Server Systems to address the needs of lightly threaded HPC applications, it offers high per-thread performance, robust network bandwidth, and rack-level shared infrastructure. They are rack-scale compute, storage, and networking solutions designed for massive scale out. With a tiered approach for organizations of all sizes, they are suitable for your big data analytics, object storage, deep learning and AI training, and other high performance computing workloads. Recent innovations in HPC technology are allowing research typically being done in government and academia accessible to enterprise customers, who are using Apollo solutions to enhance research and development efforts and gain a competitive edge.

Apollo Platform Data Sheets:

Apollo 6500 (Gen10 & Gen10+)

Apollo 6500 Gen10+

Do you need to increase computing performance for High Performance Computing (HPC) and Deep Learning? The HPE Apollo 6500 System is an ideal HPC and deep learning platform providing unprecedented performance with industry-leading GPUs, fast GPU interconnect, high bandwidth fabric, and a configurable GPU topology to match your workloads. The ability of computers to autonomously learn, predict, and adapt using massive data sets is driving innovation and competitive advantage across many industries and applications are driving these requirements. The system with rock-solid reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) features includes up to eight GPUs per server, NVLink for fast GPU-to-GPU communication, Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors support, choice of high-speed / low latency fabric, and is workload enhanced using flexible configuration capabilities. While aimed at deep learning workloads, the system is suitable for complex simulation and modeling workloads.

Apollo 6000 (Gen10)

Apollo 6000Move up to High Performance Computing (HPC) with the scalable, flexible HPE Apollo 6000 System. It gives you a performance-optimized, air-cooled solution that’s within your space limitations and financial requirements. This rack-level solution provides simplified administration efficiencies and flexibility to match the solutions to the workload, to lower your total cost of ownership.Extreme compute performance Leverage the latest Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable family, and optimized design for exceptional application performance with 100Gbps node to node connectivity. Future proof with persistent storage on memory bus and high speed fabric technologies, and lower latency and higher IOPs with NVMe storage.Rack scale efficiency Quickly deploy, service, and manage with cold isle front accessible nodes. Leverage improved reliability with integrated Ethernet and EDR InfiniBand switches. Enhance your security with TPM, secure firmware updates, iLO5, and secure encryption.Optimized for TCO Reduce IT deployment time and support costs through innovative HPC design for fabric radix alignment. Rapidly install and deploy using consolidated iLO port. Minimize power consumption and reduce cooling costs using advanced thermal technology.

Apollo 2000 (Gen10 & Gen10+)

HPE Apollo 2000-HPE_Apollo_2000_Left-facing_Rear_Top_Hood_Removed

(1) XL190r & (2) XL170r Gen10 nodes

More compute power in less space

Enterprise bridge to HPC scale-out architecture—in a smaller footprint that increases data center floor space while improving performance and energy consumption. A flexible, density-optimized system, HPE Apollo 2000 Gen10 System is ideal for large cloud, web services, traditional enterprise workloads, and compute intensive tasks that require high performance in a dense, scale-out form factor.

Data center optimization

The HPE Apollo 2000 Gen10 System delivers 2x density in 1U servers. Pack four 1U servers in a 2U chassis. It also offers comprehensive manageability using tools like HPE iLO5 management, HPE Apollo Platform Manager, and HPE Insight CMU.

Comprehensive server security

Only HPE offers an industry standard server with firmware level security that incorporates the Silicon Root of Trust, Commercial National Security Algorithms (CNSA), secure recovery to last known good state, and firmware run-time validation and alerts for compromised code.

  • Silicon Root of Trust
  • Commercial National Security Algorithms
  • Secure recovery to last known good state
  • Firmware runtime validation and alerts for compromised code

Flexible scale-out architecture

Mix and match servers, with ProLiant XL170r Gen10 for general purpose and ProLiant XL190r Gen10 for workloads requiring GPUs. Storage and I/O flexibility with drive mapping optimize storage allocation. Start small and grow

Apollo 20

Apollo 10

Are you searching for more performance in a denser package?

The newly released HPE Apollo 20 System is built on the 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® 9200 family of processors.  Code-named Cascade Lake AP, these CPUs offer unmatched 2-socket performance leadership across popular workloads. Built to support both liquid-cooled and air-cooled options, the Apollo 20 System takes advantage of HPE’s strong leadership in cooling technologies as workloads continue to push power and density. The Apollo 20 System offering up to 56 cores and 12 DIMMs per socket makes it ideal for use in data-intensive industries, including oil and gas, finance, AI, manufacturing, and life sciences.