Go For Gold

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Go For Gold

ComnetCo, Inc. has attained elite gold-level status in partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).  This partnership allows us to leverage the one of the most trusted brands in the world and provide our customers with the best in innovation and high performance computing (HPC) available on the market today.  With the acquisition of SGI complete, we have seamlessly been able to bridge the gap for our clients and are very excited about what we are seeing on the horizon.  What SGI had in their vision but lacked in R&D is no longer an obstacle, the engineering teams have gelled and the complementary product line portfolios are just getting better on both sides.  From SGI’s legacy shared memory computing systems like the UV to HPE Labs “The Machine” and the Memory Driven Computing initiative, we are seeing the future unfold right before us and it is bright.  Stay tuned for what Gen10 has to offer to the field of research computing, namely the MC990 X in HPC and the Apollo line.  Follow us on Twitter at @ComnetCo_Inc for the latest news and updates.


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