ComnetCo wins U.S. Department of Energy Contract for SGI® ICE X™

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ComnetCo wins U.S. Department of Energy Contract for SGI® ICE X™

Idaho National Laboratory selected ComnetCo & SGI for their new HPC system. The 16,416 core supercomputer will allow researchers better model, simulate, and predict a wide variety of nuclear and energy related issues.  Prior to SC14 and the latest list this past November, “Falcon” performed over 500 teraFLOPS peak performance.  That milestone gave the ICE X a spot within the top 100 fastest computers on the world.  It is significant to note that this was achieved without the use of any coprocessors or accelerators.  “Reliable and capable high performance computing (HPC) resources are required when solving nuclear fuels performance, radiation transport, and nuclear physics, and thermal fluids phenomena associated with INL programs” said Dr. Richard Martineau, director of INL Nuclear Science and technology.

Eric Whiting, the new director of Scientific Computing at INL is quoted as saying “This computer acquisition positions the laboratory for continued leadership in modeling and simulation which is tightly coupled to both national scientific user facilities and nationally recognized expertise.”  We’ve been working with Eric since 2010 when ComnetCo renewed the lease with INL on their previous SGI ICE installation “Icestorm”, it’s great to see him in his new role.  To read the full press release, click on the link below:


SGI & ComnetCo ICE X Installation

From left: Jeff Staffon (INL), Randy Pidhayny (SGI), Pete Howard (ComnetCo), & Bill Tang (SGI)

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