Lustre on SGI’s IS5x00 Series powered by NetApp

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For customers requiring highly scalable file serving to medium to very large scale-out clusters, the open source Lustre™ shared file system is the optimum solution – particularly for clusters with 10,000 or more nodes, many petabytes of storage, and greater than 4GB/s requirements. Lustre is expressly designed for data-intensive applications requiring the highest possible I/O performance, and offers unparalleled scalability, reliability, performance and cost effectiveness. Key features include scalability to thousands of nodes; throughput and I/O enabled by massively parallel file access; and the benefits of Lustre’s development and maintenance as open source code.

Lustre is widely used in HPC all over the world: 70% of the worlds Top
10 Supercomputers and 40% of the worlds Top 100 supercomputers
use Lustre File Systems.

Features include independence from the physical location of data,
protection from single points of failure, and fast recovery.

If you have extremely high I/O requirements for volume data sets and need to know your performance will be uninterrupted, an SGI Lustre solution may be the answer. Contact us to set up a call to discuss your requirements.


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